Flora chocolates are made with 70% cacao dark chocolate and balance a daily probiotic for those desiring a functional and delicious chocolate. 
By sourcing the highest quality cacao, employing certified production processes, and lab testing to verify the probiotic viability of our hand-poured finished product, we produce distinctive, consistent, and nourishing cannabis edibles. 
Flora was founded by two Berkeley, California natives, who have a combined expertise of over 30 years in the food, media, technology, public service, and non-profit sectors. Charlotte started Flora in large part due to a fascination with the ever-developing scientific evidence that probiotics can be used to treat common ailments combined with emerging research on probiotics uncovering the intimate connection between our guts, brains, and feelings of well-being. 
Charlotte and her partner are grateful for the opportunity to share with you their passion for healthful, nutritious chocolate.

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